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No.1 Matrimonial Portal for Maratha community       FAQ’s – 1) Can I marry with a same blood group like me ? ANS – YES .Marrying same blood group is best combination , however RH factor has to be same .. Means Groom with B+ can marry with B+,AB+,O+ likewise .. also there is injection available with doctors if you marry with same RH factor person. Which can be taken during pregnancy period. 2) Can I marry a Manglic Girl ? ANS – Astrologers have preferred to marry a Manglic girl to a Manglic Boy.. but this theory has limited scientific base. And one can marry to a Manglic girl, after small vidhi called as Kumbhvivah – There are so many examples around the world, where the marriages are successful when Non-Manglic boy married to a Manglic girl. 3) Can I marry my cousin brother/sister.. if not why ? ANS – NO. According to Hindu Mythology also It has been proved scientifically that, two families whose members are the products of many generations of inbreeding. In one family many children are deaf and consequently unable to talk and other birth defects. 4) Can I marry to a girl , if the Kundali doesn’t matches? (Below 18 Point OR same Nadi.. likewise) ANS – YES. Gunmelan itself has no scientific base. Because the methods used and matching points received in Gunmelan are vary from metods to methods, also if you visit astrologers even the number will vary from one to other. There has lot many examples in society, where the gunmelan was less than 18 points and having same NADI are successfully completing their marriage life. So no need to take decision based on kundali. Welcome to Maratha Shubh Vivah 1
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MarathaShubhVivah.com is the fastest growing matrimonial portal for Maratha Community. MarathaShubhVivah.com is the online matrimonial portal aims to serve as a one-stop platform for prospective Maratha brides and Maratha grooms to meet and communicate with each other.

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